Clients and Testimonials

Mimi has been privileged to work with hundreds of US and international clients, from McDonalds and Coca-Cola to Pillsbury and Toyota. Here’s what some of her clients have to say:

Mimi has done constant voice work for us on several brands…and she does so with a smile. Mimi has one of the best natural sounding voices I have ever heard…[she] is a gem, and I am always happy to collaborate with her.

Ian Scheller
Creative Producer and Director
j2 Global

As a producer/director and engineer, I’ve worked with Mimi Black numerous times in the past decade. She is always a wonderful addition to the sessions we have worked together. Quite simply, Mimi gets it! She hears the copy in her head and knows what the client is looking for before she speaks the first word. That kind of intuition and ability to interpret copy allows me to focus on other aspects of the session. Not to mention that silky voice, wide range of deliveries and ability to take direction-all of which lift the final product to levels higher than both the client and I dared to imagine. She is one of my “go to” voice talent choices and I highly recommend her if you’re looking for a voice to deliver the goods. You won’t be disappointed.

Doug Pieper
DPP Productions, Ltd.

Mimi is a talented, versatile and gracious professional that is a pleasure to work with. We’ve used her for various projects and she is always the perfect choice.

Kirk Sanders
Managing Partner/Creative Director
Walking Shadows Productions, Inc.

Working with Mimi has always been a pleasure. Mimi is very professional. She is always early for the job, offers suggestions, is willing to accommodate us when there are scheduling conflicts, is a perfectionist herself, and does a great job with follow-up. Mimi is also very prepared when we start, and we don’t need to have numerous takes. Mimi is organized and easy to work with. I highly recommend Mimi for upcoming projects. I know I will.

Steve Tornatore
Belleair Consulting Inc.

Mimi is one of my favorite narrators. She is a consummate professional and always delivers great results. She has a significant range and the timber of her voice is very welcoming and pleasant. Of course she can give you the polished smooth narration, but she can also be your best friend. Mimi understands how to deliver the message and she takes direction very well. She is always prepared and my clients love what she brings to the program.

Dan F. Niccolai, Executive Producer/Director
Lucky Dog Creative Media

I’ve hired and worked with Mimi as a voice talent and my experience has been nothing short of excellent. She puts the publisher at ease because we know going in that we’re going to get every ounce of energy and focus she possesses and she will harness that for the project at hand. More than anything else, I love how Mimi makes you feel like a long lost friend. She exudes warmth, genuine kindness and works hard so that you are satisfied with the final performance. I highly recommend Mimi for voiceover work, not just for the quality of her voice, but for the entire experience of dealing with a true delight of a woman.

Leslie Krueger, Production Manager
Oasis Audio

Clients often comment on Mimi’s captivating voice when they reach my company’s voicemail system. I couldn’t be more happy with her work. She knew exactly the kind of tone to achieve for the sensitive nature of my business. It was a genuine delight to work with such a warm and consummate professional. It’s my pleasure to refer her to everyone who asks me: ‘Can I hire her, too?!?’ I know they’ll be pleased with what her engaging voice can do for their business.

Judy S. Freedman, M.S.W., L.C.S.W.
Owner; Easing the Teasing, Bullying Prevention Services